Week 3 – Priorities

Hi! Hey. Hello. Well. As I mentioned the last time i wrote – which I know is close to half a year ago – I mentioned that I might start writing in English again. That is already what I do in my YouTube videos (which also does not happen a lot, I do film them, but never get around to actually editing them), and I find that as this is something I am doing for myself, and I feel like I do need to keep improving my English, I will try it out here on the blog again as well. Do not know if it will be a forever thing, but at least for the foreseeable future I will be doing it.

Back to other things being said in that last post, thinking I would get more time to be here now that I would cut back on work to start my master’s degree was probably the most delusional though I had in the entirety of 2022. Fall and start of Winter 2022 was nothing but chaotic and stressful, and I didn’t get half of what I wanted to have done, done. There has been no energy left to do anything! But I am now trying to turn my mentality around, and make these next few months more to my liking. At this time this looks like sticking to my actual priorities, and not trying to make time for things that does not actually give me energy, happiness or income. And also going away from the “I don’t have time” answers, to the “I will not be prioritizing that” thinking. Right at this moment I do really know what I want to accomplish, and I do also know there is some things I do not for me, but because I feel like it is expected of me – and at this time of my life I feel I need to prioritize my own expectations over everyone else’s.

Regarding this little place on the Internet, my plan right now is that I will be using this to summarize my week and make a plan for the coming one. And not try and make all these YouTube videos; although I love watching others (and my own back), I am only putting myself down for now being able to sit down and edit them. I love filming them, but the editing part takes so much time which I at this point in time am not willing to give it. Blogging on the other hand does is another story. So I will probably keep filming something from time to time, and then hopefully one day I will be able to make a compilation or something. But yes, that’s kind of my life update atm. I do foretell that these posts will have a tendency to be on the longer side, which also is how I like it.

And just to finish of this post, I’ll do a shorter recap of the last week to start these off. I have classes in Oslo three days a week for the first couple of weeks this semester, Monday was a work day – my first full day including overtime in a couple of months, which had be feeling so productive. Continued with Tuesday being a study day at the office because I “had” to take new pictures for work (wanted one where I looked kind of happy to be there). I watched the lesson on stream, and read for a couple of hours before I went to Outland and picked up a total of 10 books at their January sale!!! Happy gal. Wednesday was my first day in Oslo this week for four hours of classes in Valuation and Fair Value Accounting, went home and made dinner before I got down to our training room at work and got this week’s first work out in. I did manage to get up an hours earlier that I normally need to on Thursday, as I am fairly tired of trying to find a parking space at 8 at the train station and just left an hour earlier to sit and study at BI until classes begun – I also stayed for a couple of hours after to study even more as I find that can be easier in that environment, than after I get home as I have an two hour commute each way and find that studying on the train is not for me. Friday became a work from home kind of day, I could not for the life of me find the energy to get the day started and ended up working late to make up for it – and then went and got my second work out in for the week. Saturday was a nothing day, I just sat and read my fantasy books the entire day! And then we’re here, Sunday. After I post this I will be continuing drinking my ice latte and studying for a couple of hours until I go down and get this weeks last work out in. Then I will get back here and hopefully clean this apartment, and maybe even fix my nails – but doing things in the order of prioritization is well thought out as both time and energy may run out before I get to the end. Here’s to hoping next week will bring more energy at least, as more time maybe be unrealistic? Hehe. Well, bye for now.

Q: What’s your biggest priority for the coming week?

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