Week 4 – Time flies

This week has been a blur; so many things have happened, there are so many things I have done, and there are now so many things I have to do I just want to lay down and cry a little. That will only take up energy I can’t spare for such an activity at the moment though, so we’ll look into maybe setting off some time for that next weekend. *chuckle*

I started of the week by going into the office for a work day, even getting to guide one of our student interns for the day. Went home, and for the first time this year probably had a lot of energy and couldn’t sit down and ended up cleaning the hallway, bedroom, living room and kitchen including some rearranging of furniture after selling the Malm unit last week, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and general tidying. Even invited the neighbor over to keep me company for some of it, and wasn’t done until late. Tuesday was spent as a study at home day, which also included cleaning the last room left, namely the bathroom. I watched the lecture on stream, mainly because my dad was an actual hero and helped me make a set up for a ceiling lamp in the living room (which I have not had for my two years living in this apartment). I got the Philips Hue Infuse M Ceiling lamp with the white and color ambiance, and love it very much. Light can do so very much to a room, and with the dark winter months here in Norway it makes all the difference. The last couple of weeks I have also upgraded to Phillips Hue light bulbs wherever I could in the rest of the apartment as well, but both the hallway and the bathroom as (stupid) integrated lamps which would just be too much work to change. But back to the topic at hand.

I also went to the chiropractor on Tuesday (finally back to a three week frequency), and ended the day watching hockey at Heidi’s (neighbor). Wednesday I went in to school in Oslo for classes, where we got our final lesson regarding the mid-term paper we were handed on Friday (which is currently making me miserable, but hoping that will pass). Got back home, heated up lasagna, and continued studying until it was time to watch men’s handball. Thursday went much the same way, only finished of the evening my working out with a colleague. And Friday I was back at the office to get some more client work done, trying to forget about the mid-term paper a little until the evening when I got home and got started. Valuation is definitely not my strongest point as of this point in time, which is the subject of the paper where we’re supposed to write about Twitter, but that is supposed to be why I’m taking classes for it I guess?

Yesterday consisted of more work on the paper, as well as a work out focusing on back, and a game night with a couple of friends. I even walked there and back, which is about a half hour walk each way, through a forest with no lights in the middle of the night which was.. well… a little to interesting I guess. Luckily did not encounter any of the rather big animals (moose and deer included) making that forest their home, or any other lurking threats that I was made aware off at least. Today, which is Sunday, has been yet another day spent focusing on the valuation paper at hand with some pauses to finish watching The Empress on Netflix. As the clock now has passed 8 pm, it’s finally time to get into the Sunday night routine and get ready to start off the coming week on the best terms possible. Hoping you’ve had a little less stressful week, and are all set up for the week to come!

Q: How’s your week been?

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