WEEK 5 – mid-term

I can’t believe another week has managed to come and go since last time, I am positive that this is the fastest one thus far this year. No matter, it has been, and soon we’re on to yet another one.

This week has mostly consisted of work on the mid-term paper in Valuation where we were supposed to make a Valuation report on Twitter as if the time was April 2022, and Elon Musk had not yet bought the company. Definitely not an easy task, but we did eventually manage to hand in our paper Friday morning, luckily. Working on this mid-term exam this week has meant there has been no time left to do my actual work, or study for any of my other subjects – which means I have been in for a treat today, and will be for the coming weeks until our first exam period this semester.

There has been both early mornings and late nights to try and get this done. I did also manage to get to classes Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday had the stress levels on high, and the only work done was on the paper. Thursday we sat, me and the two amazing women I was fortunate enough to team up with, in differing group rooms at school from 10 in the morning (as I have a two hour travel way to get there) until 11 at night before I finished of the last bits of references on the train until 12 before I got to relax the last hour on my way home. But then of course, it was up again to review one last time at 8 the next morning which was fun. Then off to a routine call at the doctors’, before I just went home and slept for another five hours straight, still not feeling rested.

I do apologize though, as this week has me hard won not to be a little negative. When tired and stressed, my ability to stay positive (or at least realistic) does lag a little, but I am staying in there and leaning on the fact that it will all be worth the work. Yesterday I spent going around getting to some guilt, as I have not visited family since Christmas – although mom and dad did come to me to celebrate my birthday, and dad came and helped me with the light situation as previously mentioned. But Saturday, grandparents were also on the list, before I went to eat dinner with my parents and then drove back home.

And then we’re here. I have managed to work out both Wednesday night, and “early” Saturday, but as I really want to average at three workouts a week I’ll see if I manage to get down there to work chest and shoulders a little later. I do also have to get some studying done, and make and eat dinner – so time is a little scarce, but I should be able to get a quick one in at least – we’ll see, I have at least spent at least a good half hour shuffling snow today as well. Other than that I have gone through some e-mails, gotten some out again, and tried setting up a work plan for the coming week to be ready to just get going tomorrow morning as I find that help my productivity a lot. Now on to reading, and dinner. Have a nice evening, and a nice new week!

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