WEEK 5 – mid-term

This week has mostly consisted of work on the mid-term paper in Valuation where we were supposed to make a Valuation report on Twitter as if the time was April 2022, and Elon Musk had not yet bought the company. Definitely not an easy task, but we did eventually manage to hand in our paper Friday morning, luckily.

Week 4 – Time flies

This week has been a blur; so many things have happened, there are so many things I have done, and there are now so many things I have to do I just want to lay down and cry a little. That will only take up energy I can’t spare for such an activity at the moment though, so we’ll look into maybe setting off some time for that next weekend. *chuckle*

Week 3 – Priorities

“Back to other things being said in that last post, thinking I would get more time to be here now that I would cut back on work to start my master’s degree was probably the most delusional though I had in the entirety of 2022. Fall and start of Winter 2022 was nothing but chaotic and stressful, and I didn’t get half of what I wanted to have done, done.”